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East part of Crete island guide

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The name Knossos survives from ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete. The identification of Knossos with the Bronze Age site is supported by tradition and by the Roman coins that were scattered over the fields surrounding the pre- excavation site, then a large mound named Kephala Hill, elevation 85 m (279 ft) from current sea level. Many of them were inscribed with Knosion or Knos on the obverse and an image of a Minotaur or Labyrinth on the reverse, both symbols deriving from the myth of King Minos, supposed to have reigned from Knossos. The coins came from the Roman settlement of Colonia Julia Nobilis Cnossus, a Roman colony placed just to the north of, and politically including, Kephala. The Romans believed they had colonized Knossos. After excavation, the discovery of the Linear B tablets, and the decipherment of Linear B by Michael Ventris, the identification was confirmed by the ...

Almiros is located 2.5km south of Agios Nikolaos and is the most popular beach of the town.It is formed at the exit of Almyros river, which flows south of the beach. Next to the beach there is a protected wetland formed in river delta, which is home to many rare birds. Also, the area is filled with eucalyptus trees, reeds and palm trees of Theophrastus (as Vai).The beach is quite long and very well organized. Is sandy and the water very shallow and usually calm, making them ideal for small children. The area has few canteens, and there are also options for water sport. The sea water is very cold in some places because of the salty river flows throughout the year. On the south side of the beach there are small hotels and apartments.To reach the beach from Agios Nikolaos, especially if you don't have a car, you should walk the pedestrian (5 ') passing alongside the rocky northern shores of the beach. The promenade starts from Gargadoros, who is 5 'south of Marina City.In Salty River washed their clothes the women of Ag.Nikolaos decades ago.

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